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Practical Info


July 11th-16th 2023


What kind of LARP is Nexus Realm?

Nexus Realm is a Sandbox LARP in a Postapocalyptic sci-fi genre-setting, operating from the

'if you can - you can' - principle in the tradition of Nordic LARP. The event is held in primarily Danish and English, but including international LARP'ers from Germany and Scandinavia their languages are accepted as well.

The LARP is designed for young adults with an age minimum of 16+ if accompanied and with valid ID, and it is for only 100 players, so hurry up and get  your ticket on this site!

Where is the LARP?

The LARP is held at Trunderup forest southwest of Odense, on Funen Denmark. The area is made up of forest and small plains connected by small paths, and it's borrowed so therefore all trash -must- be put in the designated containers.


How to get there?

You can take the train to Odense Central station and change there for the bus going to Haarby, the nearest town, which is a 60 min ride. From the busstop it's a 16 min walk to be on site. Arriving with car is also a possibility but parking on site is NOT permitted, so make sure to unload your gear and drive back to park in town at the designated parking spaces marked on the map under 'camping.'

What are the facilities?

There will be 6 toilet trailers and two bathing trailers for player use, the lake on site is NOT for bathing so please use the provided facilities and report any dysfunction to the orga tent. It is possible to connect to electricity at the orga bar, however every group will have to bring their own cable hubs to connect, and we recommend as much battery run equipment as possible.

What about food and beverages?

The Daruub outpost hosts a legendary bar the Diamond, where both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served with a side dish of dazzling charm. Groups are otherwise only allowed to use the designated fireplaces to cook, but can hook up a couple of hotplates to their cable-hub. There will also be a small café where players can go for a time-out, and treat themselves to tea, coffee or a cheese n' ham toast. 

What are the safety measures?

Open fire is -only- allowed at the designated fireplaces. There will be fire extinguishers at every fireplace, in the orga bar, and 2m between every tent including 15 m between every fire extinguisher throughout. The main road towards the player area will be clear at all times since it's a fire access road.

All players are required to show a vaccination pass AND a valid PCR test. Why a PCR? Because while fully vaccinated you can still be a carrier of the virus and we take no chances with the safety of our players and volounteer-staff, who belong to the respiratorily fragile groups.

Two social safety hosts will be provided to players in need, they will be present and available at the bunker or offgame café every day for a talk. 

Two first aid hosts will, likewise, be present in the offgame area every day, provided with first aid kits and medical resources.

From 18.00 - 03.00 every day, there will be two sober safety host present at the orga bar, for on-site conflict resolving, de-escalation and in worst case expulsion from the area. They will walk a few rounds in the area as we close down for the night, to make sure everyone has gotten to bed all right.

The entire area in and around the wooden houses and structures are video monitored, in case of any vandalization or assault.

Is there a return policy?

Yes! All LARP tickets can be refunded before June 1st 2023, just contact us in the chat to your bottom right with your bank info, and we'll get right on it. After June 1st the money will unfortunately already be spent on gear and rentals, and no refunds will be available. In case of emergencies, tickets will be forwarded to the next Nexus Realm LARP planned for 2024.

Where can I read more?

Most of what you need to know is already here on this very web-page, and if you have any questions, just click the chat button to your bottom right and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

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