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The Nexus Realm

 A place between hundreds and thousands of parallel worlds and timelines, the Nexus Realm is commonly called a "dumping dimension", as people from all over the multiverse has come here at random, and must now find a way to coexist and make a new life for themselves. It is a rough world, full of contradictions and wonder, strange, deadly, and beautiful. The landscape is fantastical and sometimes surreal, with an abundance of alien flora and fauna.

The only non-humans encountered so far are the elegant and sophisticated grey-skinned Ellállu, and the wild and hedonistic pointy-eared scavengers known as the Kvúrduk.


This LARP is about making a life in the new frontier, about hope and survival in every sense of the word, about the concepts of traditions and cultures and the clashes as well as the adaptability of those.

So what happened? How did we get here?

This setting is very unique. Every being, every person, plant, animal, inanimate object, every structure, has come here from another dimension, another world. The circumstances seem to have a specific pattern, called the Nexus Equation, and most people get angry and confused trying to figure it out, so in order to stay somewhat sane, most try -not- to think about it.

The equation is this: people find themselves here at random, in groups, and they all travelled together with the goal of starting a new life somewhere else. Immigrations, evacuations, explorations, everyone can trace their group's origins to some kind of situation including a larger group of people relocating. But then they suddenly find themselves here, and no-one knows how or why.

The Kvúrduk has been here for several hundreds of years, but they don't do recordings of history, so no-one knows how long they're actually been in the Realm. The Ellállu came with a fraction of their fleet as they left their dying planet 169 years ago. The humans have been in the Realm for just 99 years, and it has been 6 years since the last arrival. Now that we're all here, we need to find a way to live together in this strange new world.
(Be aware this mystery will never be solved, it is not the point of this LARP)

Some history...

The Kvúrduk race has been in the Realm for several hundreds of years, and the Ellállu arrived 70 years before the humans. When the Ellállu first met the Kvúrduk they became aware that they had to coexist with other sentient species over time, and thus they founded the Harmony Collective.

When the first group of humans arrived it was planetary colonizers from the year 3000, in their star ships. Shocked and confused they found themselves in this strange world, with non-human beings approaching them, and in their panic the humans opened fire. Many people on all sides died that day, which is now known as the First Contact Tragedy or FCT.

After a about a year peace was finally achieved between the races, but the Tragedy had left a deep scar; some Ellállu and very few Kvúrduk still hold a deep resentment towards the humans, while others genuinely want to move forward and coexist peacefully.

The year is now 99 AFCT, "After The First Contact Tragedy". There has not been a large-scale war, but at the same time, life has been far from easy.

From here on out we shape our future...

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