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The area is a mix of forest with small plains and patches in between. There is a paved main road when arriving at the site but the ingame area is connected by a net of smaller dirt paths. The wooden houses and structures on site are not for player camping, but will be used by the orga team for ingame purposes.


It is located near Haarby Funen, which is about one hour from Odense Central Station by bus, 30 min by car. The site can be reached by car, van and trailer as well, though driving players will have to unload on site and, park in town at the designated parking areas, and walk back. It's a 16 min walk by foot.


Grocery shopping is about a 20 min walk from the site. The area is borrowed which means we expect all trash to be picked up and put in the designated containers, so we can all be welcomed back here next year. The lake on the pictures is NOT for bathing. Bathing facilities will be provided in the offgame area.


A more detailed map with placements of toilets, offgame camping and ingame camping will be available May 1st 2023.  

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