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Factions and Society

The Harmony Collective


This group was created by the Ellállu shortly after they encountered the Kvúrduk, with the purpose of establishing peaceful co-existence between sentient races.

When the humans first arrived, they saw alien beings approaching them in this strange world, panicked and opened fire, killing several, in what is now known as the First Contact Tragedy. One year later, peace was finally achieved, though not everyone on either side was willing to understand nor forgive the humans for their actions.
The Harmony Collective, known as the HC, has a difficult task of maintaining peaceful relations through diplomacy and equal distributions of resources and knowledge. Distrust between races are plenty, mainly from humans, despite the HC going as far as declaring complete transparentsy in their operations to any and all.

The HC are not a police force, yet they still try to maintain some kind of order. Most of the workings in the Realm is done by the end of a weapon, so anything resembling an official constitution of law is not realistic in any near future. So far their tactic has been along the lines of letting each tribe deal with their own problems, and when bigger disputes happens, take them to a neutral ground for negotiations. This is, obviously, a difficult task.

There towns and settlements declared "Under the HC", where most of the citizens make it through the day by at least tolerating each other. It is, however, hard to ignore that most of these towns prosper, slowly but surely, due to trade between tribes and the sharing of skills and knowledge.

The Vai'Nor

When the Ellállu and Kvúrduk first greeted the humans, The First Contact Tragedy happened and soured their relationship. A year later, peaceful relations was finally established, but not all were willing to forgive the humans.

The Vai'Nor (meaning "Knife (of) Justice in an old Ellállu dialect) has a very hard stance when it comes to humans. Some members want the humans controlled, others want them outright destroyed. Very few with these opinions live in settlements under the HC, and those that do are either very selective about who they tell or are even spies.


Most of the Vai'Nor roam the countrysides, attacking caravans of humans on sight. The bigger part of their members are Ellállu, as many of them where still around 99 years ago when the Tragedy happened. It is not in the nature of a Kvúrduk with a healthy state of mind to cling on to old hatreds from before their own time.

They are, for the most part, considered extremists and terrorists by most civilised standards.

Defenders of Humanity

The humans comes in many different cultural flavors, and the HC had it's hands full trying to find diplomatic solutions to most problems, including equal distributions of resources and knowledge. The Defenders of Humanity started out as a human-focused part of that ideal, humans negotiating with humans, sharing skills and knowledge required to not only survive in this strange world, but to actually live and thrive.

However, over time the Defender's started to become more extreme and one-sided in their viewpoints and then methods, to the point where they would give out rations of food and medicine to humans only, and leave anyone else, even sickly children of other races, to die in the streets. Human exceptionalism away from the HC was now their official agenda, and that lead to many fights in several settlements where they had a presence.

They are now considered an extremist military group, with spies and operatives within larger towns and settlements.

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