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Nexus Safety Policies


The safety of our players is a top priority for the Nexus Team. Of course that's an easy thing to say, especially in a community where safety, particularly social safety has enjoyed a lot of attention, debate and critique in recent years. We as an organising team welcome the debate with open arms and are very aware of the risks of attending an immersive LARP experience that can sometimes be pushing boundaries with others and oneself. 

The Nexus Team has a zero tolerance policy regarding any racist, sexist, LGBTQ-phobic, body- or slutshaming behavior. This is an inclusive space, we won't tolerate the intolerant. Any of this language or behavior should be reported to the orga's who will address it immediately with the person in question. This is not a space, where 'everyone is entitled to their opinion.' Please, be respectful to each other, use correct pronouns, refrain from rapejokes, don't touch people without their permission. You know... basic decency. 

THIS ALSO COUNTS INGAME - do NOT do any of these things without explicitly clearing it with the other player offgame beforehand. Verbal violence is also a thing, if you want to play it, clear it with them. Every time. 

We have a dedicated team of social security hosts who's greatest purpose is to be available to players who, for whatever reason, need someone to talk to about difficult, uncomfortable or directly boundary crossing situations they might find themselves in during our events. If a player needs confidentiality about the situation, the host must provide it, insofar no laws have been broken. In this case the host will talk to the orga team, the culprit will be found and removed from the event, for the safety of other players they might target.


The safety hosts are prohibited from drinking alcohol the entire time the LARP is ongoing, but after having fulfilled their shift on the last day, and are off the clock, they are free to enjoy themselves, as is the rest of the orga team.  

We encourage players, if possible, to solve conflicts without the intermediary of a safety host, that being said, if anyone feels scared or unable to do so, please use them. That's what they're here for okay? 

Additionally the bar area has full CCTV coverage and two security guards will patrol the areas during the night, to make sure everyone is safe and follow the described rules and regulations.


Under no circumstance is it permitted to light fires outside the designated fireplaces. The fire regulations stipulate that a fire extinguisher must be placed every 15m, the fire-way must be free at all times and there must be first aid kits every 10m. The event will fully comply with these rules. 

Additionally there will be medics with first aid courses and equipment at the orga offgame area should anyone get hurt during the events. 


Any allergies or  pre-existing medical conditions should be reported to the team beforehand so we can alert the food and drinks personnel. There will be sugarfree and non-alcoholic options at the bar, but the food options may be limited. If you have any special needs, we encourage you to bring your own food, since we can't guarantee it'll be possible for us to comply with those needs. 

Our security guards would rather not waste their time dragging you to your tent, so you don't drown in the nearby lake - so please, drink responsibly. Drugs are not permitted at any of our event's.

Any type of violence is unacceptable. THIS ALSO COUNTS INGAME. If you want to play-fight, clear it with the other player offgame - every time. And make sure you know what you're doing so you don't hurt yourselves. Play-fighting while drunk is not permitted. 

Do bring a negative covid-test for when we check you in - yes, it's still important. A store bought test is fine, but we do have respiratorily fragile people at the event, that we aim to keep safe and comfortable. 

Dog are permitted at this LARP, however they must be leashed at all times, if they are outside their camp. 

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