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A walkthrough of the alien races existing in the Nexus Realm alongside human kind. 

The Kvúrduk

The Kvúrduk look like humans in every way except for their pointy ears. They live a nomadic lifestyle as scavengers, hunters and gatherers, stopping by towns and settlements to sell scavenged gear and tech.


They have no specific cultures the same way the other races do, with their old languages dying out, but they feel no loss or sadness over this. Their clothes might be slightly more colourful sometimes, but there's nothing to really distinguish them from other wastelanders, except for the ears.

They are born in pairs, as twins, an only child is a rarety. They have a short lifespan, roughly 50 years, which often makes them seem to be in a hurry. However, their short lives also make them complete hedonists, seeking all of life's pleasures and passions, be it food, drink, sex, drugs, partying, even fighting. They have no problem looking intimidating, but they're really very jovial in nature.

Polyamory and pansexuality is the norm, and while they don't do marriages they can still have prefered partners. Their mindset is based around not owning any living creature or person, not even pets, and especially not slaves. An enslaved Kvúrduk is indeed a broken being.

The Ellállu

The Ellállu look like humans, except that their skin are shades of dark ashen to chalky white, their eyes yellow, orange, red or pale pink (purple is rare, but not unheard of), and their hair tend to be creamy blonde, grey or black. They live for about 200 years.

They're an elegant and sophisticated people, dressing in loose robes, tunics and capes, in shades of black, white, grey and beige, with details and jewellery in silver and opalesque.  Ellállu technology are beautiful and crystal-based, or rather, what's left of it is.


They take great pride in their skills in science, arts, and philosophy, often seeing humans and Kvúrduk as clumsy children with very few manners or abstract thinking. However, the Ellállu are also fascinated by them, as they sometimes show a glimmer of real skill and potential.

The Ellállu value their traditions highly, even when their young enter a rebellious fase it's according to tradition (usually dying their hair in bright colours such as blue, purple or pink). This sense of tradition dictates their aesthetic, the way they dress, and many other actions in their daily lives. However, stuck in the Realm without their crystal spaceships, they must be able to adapt.

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