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Arriving at Serendipity

"Hey friend, welcome to our settlement! Oh, you look confused? It didn't show up on your map? No worries, we're quite new here ourselves, we're still getting used to live in the forest. Come, sit and rest at our lil' waterin' hole, the All's Well, maybe have some Yabcha, you know, Ellállu moonshine, and tell us your story! Beware of the woodland raiders, poisonous plants, and at night you might hear mutanisaurs in the distance, but don't worry, our shields keep them out... usually... Anyway! Welcome to our little woodland town, welcome to Serendipity!"



The settlement got started as an outpost for people travelling along the main route, going to and from the Badlands. Most of the energy resources are used on the towns shield generators, due to frequent encounters with raider gangs and the occasional hungry mutanisaur - an umbrella term for the giant mutated animals wandering the woods. The settlement has clean water, and most food issues are taken care of by local farmers and hunters, who often stop by in order to trade, many of whom are scavengers and travelling Kvúrduk tribes. There's a small bar, the All's Well, that keep the population content. It's clearly the biggest business in town, though it's nowhere near as big or diverse as the ones in Ballacorna.


The Harmony Collective has only recently taken an interest in the settlement and there's talk about setting up a proper office here in the near future. The citizens have mixed feelings about the Collective putting down roots in their little town, some like the idea of having them around, mostly for the safety in numbers, others are more skeptical and wonder about their motives, calling them 'naught but raiders in better clothes,' some are still undecided. The fact that Defenders of Humanity and the Burkesville Caravanners have been spotted recently in the area as well doesn't exactly ease the tension.

Serendipity as a settlement is definitely going somewhere - but where exactly  remains to be seen. One thing is sure, it'll soon be on the map and on everyone's lips...

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