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Here you will find the camping guide, complete with regulations and advice for the best and safest camping experience during the LARP.

Camping in regular nylon tents are permitted only in the offgame area designated for offgame camping, not in the loading zone, orga areas or other offgame areas.


It is permitted to camp in the ingame area only if the tents look ingame, as to not ruin the suspension of disbelief for the players. 

Smoking is permitted in all outside areas, however ALL cigarette filters must be put out and trashed properly, since this is a borrowed area. 


Under NO circumstances is it permitted to light bonfires, camp kitchens, gas burners or anything like it, anywhere else than the designated fireplaces. Candles are permitted only in closed lanterns. We recommend battery driven lights.


Security personnel will be frequenting all camping areas, also at night, to make sure there are no threats to player security. This includes cases of assault, harassments and vandalism of which the Nexus Team has a zero tolerance policy and any of these will result in immediate expulsion and escort off of the premises to a correctional conversation with the orgas. 


It is permitted to drink store bought alcohol throughout the scenario and in all camping areas, but not in our bar. We really do hope you'll visit it though, it's super awesome and we have our fingers crossed, that you'll support us by buying a cheap drink or a beer. 


It isn't possible to park on location, there are parking lots reserved for player parking in the nearby town 10 min away in car. Camping supplies will have to be loaded off at the loading zone when arriving and be carried the last bit. The road to the offgame camping area will be marked with signs as you arrive at the loading zone near location, but it will not be adjacent to toilet or bathing facilities due to the water pump not being placed near there. We recommend taking a wee in the bushes unless one wants to walk a little. 


Dog are permitted at this LARP, however they must be leashed at all times if they are outside their camp. 

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